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Re: do remasters fit with the site's mission statement?

Originally Posted by dcbullet View Post
We don't pull shows at the tapers request.
Maybe that should be clearly stated as part of the site's mission statement. Very clearly stated.

But, yeah, we all remember those U2 threads about just that.

And I remember that a certain tape in question was already acknowleged to be that of the guy making the complaints.

And he got nowhere, we all remember it well. (Even though Pete Schweddy and his attorney might not be visible any longer....)

Originally Posted by dcbullet View Post
If the taper doesn't want his show messed with, he shouldn't circulate it.
No kidding.

Maybe that should be stated as part of the site's mission statement also.

Originally Posted by dcbullet View Post
And I'm not going to try to police and figure out which taper is real or not. This is the internet. How the hell do I know who is who?
Well, maybe it shouldn't be left up to you if you can't tell. Honestly, why should you be expected to do a job or task you can't figure out?

Maybe there needs to be someone on staff that specializes in knowing about master recordings and the myriad remaster-ers that now abound.

This is only a discussion, these are only suggestions.

Hell, the site could continue with the status quo and a mod can kill this discussion and that's the end of that.

You folks don't need to ban remasters or even "remasters of remasters", especially when there are multiple versions of the same show from different bootleggers already available here. And doing quite well, bringing in lots of new members, many of whom don't really care about who what when where and why, as long as it sounds 'good'.

Maybe this discussion about "quality over quantity" as a part of the site's mission statement is a non-issue considering what percent of the site's traffic in only interested in the "tunez" -- not where the recording came from nor how many levels of eq are now layered on said recording.

TTD might only need a way to sort out all the "remaster-ers"....after all, "you can't tell the players without a scorecard" -- right?
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