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Re: do remasters fit with the site's mission statement?

I've not missed the point at all. Pay no attention to these attention-seeking folk? That is my solution.

The point is where would one draw the line? Does only the taper (or perhaps initial seeder? someone in between?) have the right to tweak the recording for it to be ttd-appropriate? I don't expect all tapers to be experienced with editing and mastering -- some people just aren't as interested in that stuff. Sure, some (a lot) of what people do with remasters is subjective but not all of it.

Much better solution would be to add some requirement for documenting what exactly was done in the remaster work, maybe require both before and after samples so we don't have to download completely blindly, form a safe list etc. It doesn't make sense to me for the site not to allow an improved recording to be posted.

What if a taper forgets/loses his mics but another taper shares his signal so that they end up with identical recordings, then each goes home and masters their own copy with differing results? Is one more suitable for circulation than the other? And is a 44.1kHz/16bit version of a recording allowed after the 96kHz/24bit version has already been seeded? You have to place rules and rationalize all of these possibilities -- it's not as simple as, say, minidisc masters.

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You're missing the point. It's one thing for the taper to tweak their recording VS some attention seeking, clueless leech, eq'n it and seeding it as a Remaster OR some bullshit company tweak'n and selling it as a Silver.

There will always be a swath of the population who will buy Silvers because they don't know about torrent sites and it comes with fancy packaging/artwork, but these are the same people who don't understand what's wrong with mp3.

What leechs do with something once they get it can't be controlled, but when a taper shares their Master recording, there's zero reason to allow Un-Authorized Remasters to pollute the pool.
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