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Re: do remasters fit with the site's mission statement?

Originally Posted by Five View Post
I would like to get rid of the silvers that are crap remasters/re-issues of documented stuff.
So how're you gonna decide which is what?

OR who's gonna decide?

Shit-fire, for sure, the longer you wait to take that first step, the harder it's going to be to decide which is the "site-approved" version.

As I'm sure we're all aware, some shows/recordings have been booted numerous times, with varying degrees of eq, pitch and speed control issues, dropouts, intentional editing, unintentional editing, ....then you get to the best of these new innovations, remasters of poor quality boots that actually sound worse than the bootleg. And many other variables we could mention.

And some titles are just copies of older boots with a new set of problems and issues tacked on.

Is the mono version with clearest sound but with the speed fluxuation issues better than the stereo version with the loud hiss and dropouts and that is edited on disc two to make it fit on a 74 minute cdr.....

OR would you allow the new remaster matrix in 5.1 which kept the speed issues intact while editing back the missing material from disc 2 to the hissy stereo copy?

Choose wisely................

Or maybe you might wanna simplify the entire problem and just interpert the TTD mission statement with more emphasis on quality over quantity.

which will mean you have to ban all them boots that do not conform, right?

choose wisely............................

Hey, I know of a Led Zeppelin 1975 show that has nine or ten different silver (or cdr) boot titles, none of which are very good, so, who's gonna make the call on something like that? (maybe the taper of the show? maybe some LZ collector who favors one japanese bootlegger over another?)

And who gets to answer on the numerous bitching threads asking why someone's favorite silver boot ain't allowed here, in favor of some different "title"???

Or why won't you allow the latest EV silver taken from the newest WR remaster because you banned the original WR remaster so that EV were forced to snatch it over at dime............ sounds like a fun time ahead.

Originally Posted by Five View Post
we also don't want to throw the baby out with the bath water... but the way things are these days the bath water is an ocean and the baby is a minnow.
Yeah, do tell that to the mini-disc tapers, huh?

TTD staff took a stand, set a cut-off date and that was it...Period.

Do it, throw out that baby with the bathwater.

That garbage will still be available for anyone that continues to look for it.

Good luck, which ever way your wind blows.
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I don't think I troll anyone, other than freezer.

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