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Re: do remasters fit with the site's mission statement?

Originally Posted by juxtiphi View Post
Im not mad at all my friend your opinions are just that opinions as are mine so no worries.

Ive never upped anything here as I know how this site rolls and when I had the inkling too do so I asked Lynne about it first to get her permission which she gave.

I dont mind the fact that you want to keep this site as it was started and I'm not saying that all remasters are great Im just saying not all folks who ehem "twiddle knobs" are ruining stuff.

ps. the reaso there arnt more samples in the post is due to the fact that anyone at dime who grabbed my rework already downloaded the original.
phew, we're in agreement then.

we had a good thing going, used to be WR and not a whole lot else now its TheFace007 spewing diaria all over our members' collections. remasters were total anarchy and the members kept an eye on one another, spoke to one another because it was a much smaller community. now everybody and their cousin is a n00b gloryseeker with ham fists. and a drive full of warez installed yesterday.
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