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Re: do remasters fit with the site's mission statement?

Originally Posted by Kung Poo View Post
So does the Waves Stereo Imager, 10 seconds of sliding things around and you have a different recording that you could just enjoy in your own bedroom... except for the fact that:for some weird reason you remaster freaks just can't stop your left hands from finding out what your right hands are doing.
(by which i mean: you can't help yourself from telling the whole world how good you are with a piece of software... and that is sharing for all the wrong reasons (ie: giving because you get something out of giving)).

tapers get other tapes from trade to make themselves happy I make people who actually want to listen to the music more than once happy . I dont really get anything out of it but a thank you and thats enough for me.

hey poo have you ever bought an official live release from any band cause if you have then you bought something someone tweaked before releasing it.

and do you believe that your recorder has actually captured what the event sounded like in the hall? when the bass is almost non existant or the highs sound like they are coming from inside someones pocket?

all though not all tapes can be helped whats so bad about exposing those hidden freqs and making it sound more like it did live?. just because you cannot hear them in the master doesn't mean they are not there and with the right ear they can and should be brought out. and similarly if they arent there to begin with there is no way of improving them.

like I said if you want to hear a flat one dimensional tape then so be it but there is no reason to put down folks like bluecongo, winston or myself who take the time to make it right just because of your purist attitudes.

btw I was going to post the FM show here and I had already gotten U2Lynne's permission to do so but like I said why open myself to ridiculous criticisms from people who arent even willing to give it a chance plus you dont need to download it if you dont like it so why complain its not really hurting you at all. maybe if you'd give my reworks a listen you'd actually be impressed.

Ps. here are the tapers comments about my latest rework at dime. in his emails to me he actually said the files sounded gorgeous.

juxtiphi: you're a master at what you do... it's like hearing a studio recording with added audience

thank you very much for the hours upon hours of meticulous work you put into this...

i can't stress this enough folks, praise this man !


I guess not all tapers feel the same way you do about this freak and there are plenty of other comments echoing these sentiments by many others who have downloaded my posts and realized it was well worth it.

sure there are some out here who dont take the time I do when they try and improve something but I think eventually they all fall by the wayside as time goes by because folks can hear what a lousy job they did and simply stop responding to their posts all together.

As for me I've been posting for just over 5 years without complaint and I can guarantee that I spend far and away more time and effort in my reworks than someone who twiddles a knob for ten seconds and thats why my posts have stayed alive on the tracker for years cause even when I'm not seeding them other folks are always helping to keep them alive.
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