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Re: do remasters fit with the site's mission statement?

Originally Posted by juxtiphi View Post
well I must chime in here,

I wonder if I have any kind of reputaion to speak of.

I have done about 35 reworks most with the tapers approval.

I spend hours and hours cleaning the original of digi noises and cuts then I spend more hours listening and re-listening and comparing samples to the original for an improvement. When I feel I have something worthwhile I send samples to the taper for their approval and do not post unless they give their blessing. sometimes all I do is clean out the bad noises and then re-post as there is no need to listen to clicks and mic rustle if they can be removed without hurting the music.

I have done reworks from vinyls and pressed cds that have been ruined by lables in their attempt to "ehem" improve the content but most of my reworks have been approved by the taper.

I also make it very clear that my posts have been sonically altered so there is no way anyone can download one of mine and say hey this isnt the original because if they spent even a second reading the description they would have read the warning.

I use Adobe Audition with another top notch program called Izotope Ozone for the bulk of my enhanced versions. this is not a simple eq job and cannot be compared to twisting some knobs on a stereo which is not the same as using Izotope which also does mid/side processing .

My only intention is to improve the listening experience. Not everyone simply collects recordings for shelving and not everyone is interested in hearing a flat one dimensional recording and If I can pump some life into what would other wise be a limited listen i.e. once or twice then shelved and make it something you would want to listen to all the time then I see no reason not to.

I have an Frank Marino rework that is so good you'd think it was from another source but all thanks go to the taper so there is no confusion with my posts at all. Its running at jamtothis, I would have posted it here but why do I want to put up with people who will bad mouth it without even hearing the results.
J, with all due respect and I'm sorry to say that this is below the bar for ttd. I thought you knew blumlein's matrix its part of his patents from the 1930s. stereo didn't become standard for 50 years after that.

from now on you gotta know blumlein's patents if you want to post a remastered show at ttd seriously, folks. Kung Poo is right, we've been spinning our wheels when it comes to maintaining the highest possible quality standards of all torrent sites. we are getting back on track.

J, look at effects>channel mixer in audition and study the MS presets. its like baking a cake from scratch rather than using a duncan heinz mix or some crap like that. you've got the right kind of mind for this so you must learn the fundamentals. you'll thank yourself.

start reading books like this:

#1 best selling audio book on amazon. check the comments.

read some threads over at this is minimum ttd requirements if we want to stick with the mission statement.

If you still don't know what you're doing but are getting pretty decent results ... keep working at it and keep that shit to yourself

Originally Posted by juxtiphi View Post
Go to dime and look over my posts and check out what people have said and if you have a mind to prove me wrong download a track or to and see for yourself its its shit or not as just saying it is doesnt make it so.
it means nothing without a before and after comparison... please post a small before & after FLAC of something that you worked on and make us believers. if its bad please don't take it personally but we're gonna rip you apart because we're sophisticated enough to give you a much much much more technical review.

dude hope you're not mad at me... we're just talking here and I feel very strongly about this issue.
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