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Kung Poo
Re: do remasters fit with the site's mission statement?

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this is not a simple eq job and cannot be compared to twisting some knobs on a stereo which is not the same as using Izotope which also does mid/side processing.
So does the Waves Stereo Imager, 10 seconds of sliding things around and you have a different recording that you could just enjoy in your own bedroom... except for the fact that:
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I have an Frank Marino rework that is so good you'd think it was from another source.
for some weird reason you remaster freaks just can't stop your left hands from finding out what your right hands are doing.
(by which i mean: you can't help yourself from telling the whole world how good you are with a piece of software... and that is sharing for all the wrong reasons (ie: giving because you get something out of giving)).
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