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Re: do remasters fit with the site's mission statement?

Originally Posted by showtaper View Post
Not going to do any good. Those chronic re-master-bators will continue to
tinker and not mention it when they post.......
I don't think people will do that because the bad ones only do it for the praise, right?

using st5 checksums it is possible to verify exact identical audio content and effectively police ttd content. there is an archive of fingerprints in the inactive forum. Search the thread titles of that forum by date in YYYY-MM-DD format to view checksums of known sources.

we've busted guys faking txt files like this many times

everybody can help us keep the trade pool clean by using the little red 'report this post' triangle (located at the bottom-left of every post). we're relying on the hardcore collectors of each band to keep us informed what is trash and what is not. its a great way to give back to the community (and yourself!).

There has to be a remasters 'safe list' for people who have demonstrated excellent ability when it comes to retouching shows. That having been said we will not sleep until every raw tape has been found!
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