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Re: FLAC, SHN, Conversions, etc...A virtual potpourri

foobar2000's special installer also includes a plugin called masstagger, which is incredibly useful. First of all, it will know based on the file type you are trying to tage what the best type of file tag to use is (there are APE, Vorbis, id3, and id3v2 tags out there). For FLAC, it will use Vorbis tags.

Again, select a list of files, right click, and run masstagger. Take some time and read through all of the ways you can edit the tags. Then save a script that you'll use often so that you can bring it up every time you want to tag a set. I always batch set Artist, Album, and Date. I then have a input block (it allows one line for each file, sequencially) where I copy/paste the track titles from the info file, and it automatically tags each file with the right song title.

All in all, tagging a set of FLAC files after download takes me a total of 15 seconds with masstagger.

Bottom line: Get foobar2000, get used to it, get over the utilitarian design, and start delving into the many features it has. Make sure you use the ColumnsUI graphical interface, and then go ahead and setup your own formatting scripts. A little bit of time spent learning how to configure this awesome program will be rewarded with years of being far more efficient with your lossless filetrading endeavors....
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