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Re: shntool help


This happens when you have not installed an updated copy of cygwin1.dll. If you downloaded the shntool.exe zip file, it will have been included in there. There is a copy of it in there, but the one that comes with WinXP is not the version shntool uses (don't ask me why, this level of programming is above my comprehension). Make sure, in your C:\windows directory you have shntool.exe, the updated cygwin1.dll, and a copy of shorten.exe and you'll be able to work with shn file.

You can also doublecheck that C:\windows is included as part the PATH by opening a command line window and typing:
echo %PATH%

If it doesn't show up in the list of directories (it should) then running the batch files I made won't work since they assume that the executables are located in an accepted PATH folder.

If this doesn't work, please post back and I'll try to diagnose it further.
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