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Re: download speed??

Originally Posted by tomvitti
hey all you torrent heads!
what DL speeds are you guys/gals averaging?
i want to make sure i have everything config'd right, new comp...
i'm getting 65-75 KB/s for DL, nothing yet for UL...
You should be able to d/l to the full extent of your available bandwidth; for example, if you are on a 1500 kb/s down DSL connection, I would divide that number by 8 to get my kBps (kb/s divided by 8 = kB/s, which is the unit of measure EVERYONE but ISPs use). That would mean you would have 187.5 kB/s of total bandwidth, which SHOULD be the only thing limiting your downloads, outside of the number of seeds and peers. On a 3mb line, I've gotten upwards of 400 kB/s on one torrent, but YMMV.
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