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Re: Burning Lossless Files to CD-A; Why the f@$k do SHNs take so damn long?

Originally Posted by rabble
What would you folks suggest for a good SHN > WAV conversion app?
etree scripts

They're command line, but it's a simple matter of pointing the command at the folder containing your shows. On my system, the command would look something like the following:

unshn /home/sarah/Music/lossless_shows/nameofshowfolder

However, the 'flacify' command is even sweeter--takes any lossless format you have decoders on your system for, and spits out sector-boundary aligned flac files.

I love the etree scripts because they don't require navigating into the actual directory, so they take one less command than using shntool or a conventional command line encoder.
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