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Re: About TDK CD-R's...

Originally Posted by robkismet
You have to be VERY careful with TDKs. About a year ago I bought two identical spindles of 50 (before I knew anything about manufacturers) and later discovered that one was made by CMC (arse) while the other was made by Mitsui (ace). There was no visbile way of discerning which disc was which, and the packaging was completely identical. There are also TDK discs manufactured by Ritek, Taiyo Yuden and I think a few others.

Given that this is so unpredictable, I've switched to buying the Verbatim Super Azo discs, because these are always made by Mitsubishi, who are good may be of use to anyone who is stuck/confused/etc
I've never seen TDKs that were anything other than CMC or Ritek.

If that link you posted is correct, I've been buying the wrong stuff from the University Bookstore. I always assumed the TDKs were the best out of the three options I had available on spindle (well, they also have Verbatims in jewelcases, but I don't want jewelcases, and that makes them cost over twice as much--if only they sold Verbatim on spindles). I always assumed those SmartBuy ones the bookstore sells were off-brand rubbish. I might have to give them a try the next time I'm running low on CD-Rs--they're cheaper than the TDKs.
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