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Re: Burning Lossless Files to CD-A; Why the f@$k do SHNs take so damn long?

Originally Posted by geordy
Your problem is that you're letting Nero do the converting while trying to burn the cd. It's trying to do two processor intensive jobs at the same time. To save yourself some time, use an external program to convert shn>wav, then burn the wav files to CD-A. After you burn the cd, delete the wav files and keep the shn files to make future CD-A's from.

SHN>WAV is slightly faster than FLAC>WAV, using programs other than Nero to do the conversions. My computer has lots of trouble doing SHN > CD-A or FLAC > CD-A, so I just don't do it. If you're sick of shn files, just convert SHN>WAV>FLAC.
What would you folks suggest for a good SHN > WAV conversion app?
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