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Question shntool help

I've read all the FAQs on raindawg's site and when I drag and drop my shn folder into the batch file I get a bunch of messages that basically say "this file may be unsupported, truncated, or otherwise corrupt" and "decoder program 'shorten' may not have been found verify it is installed and in your PATH"

I followed directions as to how to find my path -- first I tried to install in c:\windows -- shntool was working but wouldn't check shns. Then I tried placing it on c:\windows\system32 -- still nothing.

Can someone tell me EXACTLY what files I need to have installed and where to install them in order for it to check my shns that I want to seed?

BTW, I don't know what info is relevant, however, I'm running winXP. If you need more info just let me know. TIA for any and all help. Slo.
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