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Re: Strange Ffp

Originally Posted by feralicious
Hey, month ago I didn't know what I was talking about. Wait a minute, I still don't.

It's an shntool md5 which fingerprints the actual audio data. So if you make one for the flac and one for the wav they should match.

Here's a batch file for it that will make it in txt format. You can paste this into a txt file, give it the .bat extension and then drag your folder onto it and it will make the txt file in the folder. It will do the wavs and the flacs at the same time and list them separately in the file.

@echo off
%~d1 & cd %*
for %%T in (shn flac wav ape) do if exist *.%%T shntool md5 *.%%T >> "%~n1.st5"
the command line stuff always throws me off but thank you ma'am.....
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