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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by MDVidGuy View Post
The other thing, 95% of the stuff that gets uploaded to this site is garbage. Not true? Thats why you average about 20 downloads per torrent. You cant give away the crap you people post.
Well, you somehow managed to download 395GB of that "garbage." So either it's apparently not all crap, or you're not as discerning as you seem to want to appear.

I wouldn't be likely to download a Christian Death vid either, but I also wouldn't download a Pearl Jam video. Different strokes.

Maybe your problem is with the gimme-gimme attitude of the Pearl Jam community and not with the site? It seems your issues are with the leechers from one torrent. You'll always deal with the PMs, wherever you go...comes with being a taper. And while the transfer method isn't optimal, who cares. It's allowable here. Taping a live show, lots of things aren't optimal.

I have no horse in the race, so if you feel you must leave, do as you will. I just don't think you should let the results of one torrent affect your actions.

Have a good day either way.
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Sometimes im dense.
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I hate not being a real man.
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