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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Again, if this place is so bad, why do you continue to log in here? If you really want us to delete your account, pm Lynne and its done. There's no point in us just banning you since you prove on a daily basis you must log in here, you'll just create a new account.
Originally Posted by MDVidGuy View Post
Source: Sharp VHS Master (shot on tripod from soundboard with permission, audio from cam)
Lineage: Sharp VHS Master-->Phillips SA-->Nero 8-->you
Sound is mono (If anyone wants to fix this have at it, I'm not that good)
No chapters or menu.
Taper: Me
Originally Posted by MDVidGuy View Post
If you wanna grab this, edit, author, remaster, restore, make it black and white....I don't give a rabbits hairy balls. Have at it.

Just don't sell my shit!!!
...And you wonder why people pm'd you about your transfer method and your tapes
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