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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

I honestly dont care about my ratio on this site because most of you are raging assholes. I had started to upload my entire catalog of video masters but stopped on the first one (Pearl Jam College Park MD 1992) because of the amount of shitty pm's I got from leechers who didn't like my transfer methods and demanded I mail them my masters. This is by far the worst community on the web.

The other thing, 95% of the stuff that gets uploaded to this site is garbage. Not true? Thats why you average about 20 downloads per torrent. You cant give away the crap you people post.

You can absolutely ban me. Oh god, I might miss the next "Christian Death" video or *gasp*....dont make me miss that new Kingdom Come pro shot. Seriously, most of you need a reality check and a trip out of moms basement. You give this much thought to something thats supposed to be fun but no, lets start a thread about how much people arent giving you. Assholes.
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