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Strange Ffp

Ok, so today i was gonna take a shn show from shn to flac. I verified the shns with no prob then used TLH to go to wav. I then used flac frontend to make them flacs. In all cases I kept the original files and I tried several times but here is the ffp i got for the show each time.

7M3 2004-06-17 T20.flac:d1222cc992836b87ad80a21b037668ce
7M3 2004-06-17 T01.flac:9098c5c93afa68ca708b6442c8d18ea3
7M3 2004-06-17 T02.flac:708a70bcba910992022a5b88cd9f1a70
7M3 2004-06-17 T03.flac:c6caf822d0dce9a8a099d162f6b9d20d
7M3 2004-06-17 T04.flac:8f91b4927091eb1a8e64b5a11f4f31c8
7M3 2004-06-17 T05.flac:8c39132fd884c2b7e693614a01e5a144
7M3 2004-06-17 T06.flac:c8c46f8ef4f56a0039bb4932729f34d6
7M3 2004-06-17 T07.flac:1a7224cb56a0e0627433c4703baf3673
7M3 2004-06-17 T08.flac:a2775a31cde6798e919f247c7af12af3
7M3 2004-06-17 T09.flac:c4c41c8d5a9ae8edcd47c25efcf4305d
7M3 2004-06-17 T10.flac:61bab65acdd4998702c2e73ea0951b10
7M3 2004-06-17 T11.flac:2f9513d9ccea641fdcbe484d0677b53f
7M3 2004-06-17 T12.flac:4c07379b7f2652586c38e38cda13bfa9
7M3 2004-06-17 T13.flac:a1c6e5216aeef701256549e84ebe0337
7M3 2004-06-17 T14.flac:be19ebbb3c402095a0c60dbb94a96702
7M3 2004-06-17 T15.flac:d9fe7213aba7b8b63177cbadd305659a
7M3 2004-06-17 T16.flac:be25143d17676568e1bd95f6c66be5aa
7M3 2004-06-17 T17.flac:377f82b7175006dab3e259c74638f575
7M3 2004-06-17 T19.flac:1eeb74e9e6d5e53804bdb1d1687e8d3b
7M3 2004-06-17 T18.flac:00000000000000000000000000000000

you notice track 18 is all 0's. I have never seen this before. I listened to the track and it sounds fine. There were no errors reported by flac frontend on encoding. Has anyone ever seen this before?
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