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Re: shntool cxx error / 1 channel mono files... now what?

So apparently that single track fix didn't come directly from Purple Chick. Hexer posted this email response he got regarding the complete Jan. 28 disc 3 fix:

What I heard back from the tree is this..

"The only advantage to having the complete disc 3 for the 28th as provided by me is that I turned it into flac as a complete disc an I can't vouch for how seamlessly the track not flac'd by me will fit into the track sequencing if "patched" into an existing 28-3. It's probably fine but I rather not deal with complaints about track transition pops and glitches. (My choice but not necessarily the only one)."
shntool shows everything fine with this set, so as we can see, there's another advantage to having the complete fix.

Now what to do about the two fixes for the BBC set?
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