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Re: shntool fix help needed

Originally Posted by feralicious
But if it's just one track in the middle of the set you need to run a fix on the whole set. Whether or not you should skip the files that don't need fixing is your choice I believe, but it will need the files before and after the one with the SBE in order to fix it properly since data is shifted onto or from the other tracks.
But he said it's a show 'that's only one track'. I took that to mean the whole show it is one single track. However, you all took it to mean that the show has multiple tracks, but only one of those tracks has an SBE. That's probably what he really meant.

In order to fix an SBE properly you must start fixing from the first track that has an SBE down to and including the last track of that musical cluster. You do NOT need to bother with the tracks that come before the first flawed track. BUT if you want to convert to a different format while fixing, you should include all the tracks and use the -noskip argument so that all tracks will be converted.

The exception to this is if only the first track of a set has an SBE then you can fix just that track by prepadding the front of it. This is much quicker than fixing everything that follows.
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