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Re: SBE Explanation

Originally Posted by uhclem
That's right. That's the whole point of the sector align option. If you turn the sector align option off then flac.exe will pay no attention to whether there are SBEs in the wave files and will just compress them as-is.
Originally Posted by pmonk66
Why would anyone not have that --sector align option when converting .wav to flac

Also, looking at how the sizes of both the fixed and recoding using the --sector align option are identical, feralicious' comment that that decoding SBE tracks to wav and then re-encoding them to flac using align on sector boundaries isn't the correct way to fix files is incorrect
Okay, no fair sneaking in posts while I'm experimenting. That's as bad as editing your posts since mine looks to be obsolete now.

So then where did I get the idea that this was not an okay way to fix SBEs? Huh? Will somebody pleas find that damn thread???
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