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Re: SBE Explanation

Originally Posted by pmonk66
You love it you big geek!
Okay the results just arrived from the laboratory...

I found a show with 5 tracks, all of which had SBEs. I put them through this process:
orig flacs > orig wavs > new flacs (Flac Frontend w/align on sector boundaries) > new wavs

the new flacs and new wavs had no SBEs, however, as I suspected, the wav st5s did not match.

orig wav st5:

19cfee35f5199301bb106b88e686151c [shntool] 01 - Bat Out Of Hell.wav
ea862458bbea2dd92ace10ec2598559a [shntool] 02 - You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth.wav
48b262eea4aa3aa9de24a1a90067a9cb [shntool] 03 - Two Out Of Three Aint Bad.wav
4b14d83099cd7aa7f9f8eceadeea1aa2 [shntool] 04 - Paradise By The Dashboard Light.wav
29269c1ac050f62c70b83ae668499193 [shntool] 05 - All Revved Up With No Place To Go.wav

new wav st5:

7eb915688351c117c1ef959ec645dc51 [shntool] new-01 - Bat Out Of Hell.wav
07bb06a56df4308b6e0979170bba5d04 [shntool] new-02 - You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth.wav
ab9771962b98789162ea4055df52fc9a [shntool] new-03 - Two Out Of Three Aint Bad.wav
9b807f229c9c172034a814fc30085a93 [shntool] new-04 - Paradise By The Dashboard Light.wav
5fab678dc8270ee255c8ad540c7359ac [shntool] new-05 - All Revved Up With No Place To Go.wav
Oh geez... now I just realized that my reasoning powers may be off. Because if you fix in shntool from flac > flac you are going to have different wavs. But that's from doing a fix, not from encoding. It seems to me that if you encode a file from wav to flac when you decode it it should match the wav that was the input file for the encode. But maybe it is doing a proper fix. Hell, maybe this whole post doesn't mean a damn thing and the experiment was useless.


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