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Re: SBE Explanation

Originally Posted by Five

It only adds silence to the end of the last track!

If there's a silent break in your show due to the band playing multiple sets and you need to correct SBEs, the important thing is not to carry over a little fragment from the beginning of the following set to the previous. If it's a continuous show beginning to end with SBEs then it's fine to just correct all the SBEs at once and pad the last track with silence.
Maybe I didn't make what I was saying clear, because I have a feeling you misunderstood me.

What I was saying is that you shouldn't fix SBEs by decoding the tracks to wav then re-encoding them using align on sector boundaries using flac.exe. And I'm pretty sure that that will pad each track. What you described sounds like a proper shntool fix. Here's the thread that I gleaned this from...

In any case, I've definitely gotten the impression that it's not the proper way to fix SBEs. I think that's agreed upon, because you're putting in flawed wavs. I would bet that the new wavs decoded from the newly created flac files wouldn't match the original ones.

Dammit Jamie, now I'm off to do another experiment. I have work to do!!!
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