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Re: Flac.exe????

OK, I understand the problem now - it's because Windows (or more accurately, the command-line interpreter "cmd.exe") behaves differently to Unix "shells".

Under Unix, typing the command

flac -8 *.wav

would cause the shell to replace "*.wav" with a list of filenames matching that pattern, so flac would actually think that the user typed the command

flac -8 track1.wav track2.wav track3.wav

But under Windows, that expansion doesn't happen, so typing "flac -8 *.wav" causes flac to literally look for a file called "*.wav", which will obviously not exist.

Hope that makes sense. It seems that under Windows, you either have to type each filename manually, or use a frontend (or use a Unix-like shell such as those provided as part of "cygwin").

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