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md5 and shntool question

Ok, here goes. I've been trying to create a wholefile md5 for a warren zevon show that I had to rename to conform to etree standards. I think that it has to be wholefile since I want to archive it on LAMA. I cant get md5summer to create a file that works. Can someone give me a walkthrough or point me to a REALLY simple FAQ/tutorial-- its my first time trying this proggy and every forum and faq just confuses me even more. I really want to learn this stuff for the future. Its recognizing my md5 as a .shnf

Also, how do you switch directories in dos? I want to do a sbe check also with shntool. The only thing that I have ever done with respect to this program is create a shntool md5 using dawg's batch file. Any help? TIA

BTW, I'm on a windows xp machine
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