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FLAC, SHN, Conversions, etc...A virtual potpourri I have been downloading and listening to shows for a handful of months now and want to start exploring the more technical side of everything that is being discussed here and was discussed at here goes.

I know very little about FLAC frontend or how to use it properly. Is there a general How To Guide / Manual somewhere that I could read? I have some questions now....and the answers will only spur more questions. If there's a manual out there somewhere, it will at least give me a starting spot...

SHN vs. FLAC....I've read that FLAC seems to be the "better" of the two. For me, it's simply because I have a FLAC plug in for Winamp, I prefer FLAC (I just stumbled across foobar2000 so that may change...). Is it a bad thing for the qualilty of the data to convert from SHN to FLAC? i.e. if I wanted to take all of my SHN shows and convert them to FLAC, would I just be shooting myself in the foot and end up with un-tradable stuff?
If it is acceptable to convert from SHN to FLAC, how should I go about doing this?
I have been using FLAC frontend to test and decode FLAC files (and multi front end for SHN). I'll skip all of the Replaygain, and SBE questions as I saw some of that floating around here and in the FAQ.

The Tag button looks like a gem though. How the hell do I use it though? I have tried putting in values and then decoding to WAV, but it doesn't seem to work. I have an iPod and use iTunes quite a bit (WinXP). When I drag over stuff, I hate having to manually enter in the Artist, Album, etc for shows that I have downloaded.

I just took 4 Tool FLAC files for the hell of it and dragged them into FLAC frontend. Clicked Tag Conf. Auto Detect checked. Filled out Artist, Album, year, etc. Converted to WAV. Open up iTunes to play them and none of the album, artist, etc. shows up in my playlist / library??????

Any help will be much appreciated.
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