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Re: A New Idea For Remastered Seeds

Originally Posted by Gish05
Yes. Those of us behind a router that experience decreased download speeds would also benefit from audio torrents less than one gigabyte. I think the idea is good, but this seems like more of a preference thing - there can be an exception to the rule, as long as both versions were unmodified and of course lossless.
This site doesn't deal with lossy audio formats (unless there are absolutely no other sources available, and if that is the case, the alternative formats are limited).

There is no reason for you to have limited download speeds because you are using a router. You need to forward your router BT ports so that they pass data to your internal LAN address. See the FAQ and tutorials section of this site.

Bit Torrent download speeds are determined by multiple factors, including the mode of the original seeder and their bandwidth, the number of peers in the swarm, and the state of those peers in terms of firewalling, among other issues. (it gets kind of hoodoo-voodoo, if ya know what I mean ).

I've got absolutely no download speed issues behind my Linksys router, but I'll find that download speeds can vary GREATLY depending on the torrent, anywhere from 1kBps to 250kBps. YMMV.
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