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Re: Copying A DVD-R For A Trade.....

Originally Posted by U2Lynne
I've got a couple of DVDs where I can't see anything on the DVD when I put it in my computer (a Mac). I can see the contents just fine on my PC though. It plays fine on my Mac and in my DVD player also. But, you said *you* burned this show to DVD, right? So, that probably has nothing to do with it.

A .cda file is an audio file. Take any of your CD and look at what the file extension is for the tracks and you will see it is .cda. We use programs, such as EAC, to extract those files to wav on our computers.

ive also had that happen to, i always check all the dvds on my mac when i get them in the mail, a few i thought were unreadable untill i put them in my dvd plays and saw they were just fine. i guess its probally the mac dvd player, and the PC used to burnthem
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