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Re: Copying A DVD-R For A Trade.....

Originally Posted by AAR.oner
when archiving shows for future trade/sharing, always back up to data disc, just like you do with Audio shows...
I just wanted to point out that burning as data doesn't mean you can't watch on your stand alone. Cuz when I first read AAR's post I thought he was saying not to burn it as something that would play on a stand alone.

Originally Posted by AAR.oner
side note, it's best not to burn "on the fly" as you were attempting to do w/ Nero Express...this can present a ton of issues/glitches...definitely preferable to set up a folder on yer HD and put all the DVD files in it [.ifo, .bup, .vob]...then use Nero Burning ROM, select DVD-Video as yer project format, and drag all the files to the VIDEO_TS folder in the project...this will give you much better results...
Didn't you tell him not to burn as video?

Anyway, I think when copying a DVD that is small enough to fit on a DVD+/-R, I think it's best to make an image of it saved to your HD then burn that. That way if you have extra files on there you won't forget to grab them. For example, I always put my md5, txt and artwork outside the VIDEO_TS folder, so making an image is easier since it's a one step process for getting it onto your HD. If I ripped it with DVD Decrypter I wouldn't get the extra files included since it only rips the VIDEO_TS folder and I'd have to drag them over separately. DVD Decrypter can make an image very nicely, it really is a great program to have handy. You can also do it with Nero.

But basically, I think everyone is quite baffled as to how you got that cda file onto the DVD! You must've selected "video DVD" or you wouldn't have had the VIDEO_TS folder showing... weird.

Also, for a discussion on why Nero isn't the best program to burn DVDs with go here:

Nutshell: Nero seems to change the IFO/BUP files when it burns, causing the md5 not to verify when checked on the disc or after it's ripped again.
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