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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by don miller View Post
A few more thoughts as this for whatever reason bothers me. I believe that those who do all the work to upload should be appreciated certainly. Keeep in mind that this is a community of many people and we do not know each other that well.

The problem that I see is that some feel they should get something back or restrict others who they feel do not hold up their share as perceived by whatever group who decides its what they should do. The problem w that is that it is not what giving is about. Giving is somehting that someone does because they feel that they want to. One does not give in expectation of a return.

A little over 7 years ago I gave a kidney to my brother. I did not expect a return. It made me feel good to be able to help another person. And as an aside he is a design engineer for a music affiliated company. Without his work many musicians would not have what they have today. We might not hear as many nice uploads as we do.

I guess my point is we are all different and give in our own way. We give because we want to, not because we want a return. Perhaps it would be better to change the term from leechers to grateful recipients. Then it would be up to those who do receive to give the desrved thanks to the uploader.

To impose limits I believe is wrong. People upload shows becauses they want to share. People leave shows open for others for a reasonable period of time to give a sort of a payback and piggyback on the uploaders generosity. We should be able to live w whatever level that is and be happy that we were able to help. There will always be those who take advantage, To compromise one's ideals because of that is a sad result.

Nough said.
Bravo!!!!!! I was posting to point out the inconsistency of thought...I upload shows because I want to...not because someone forces me to. I expect nothing in return...Anything I get is a bonus...I would record the shows that I do regardless. I record because I want the music...and because I want the music, I think that there might be others out there who want the same, but for whatever reason, are not able to get it on their own...Giving it to them is just a bonus...more enjoyment = better life.

My work is done here. I will no longer be posting, commenting, or anything. I will check in now and then, but for the most part, I'm done.

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People suck. I'd rather look at memes and gifs of people doing stupid shit that confirms my misanthropic views than actually deal with their shit face to face.
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