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Re: Copying A DVD-R For A Trade.....

when you burned the show to disc, i'm guessing, based on yer post, you burned as a DVD-Video and not a DVD "data disc" [ISO/UDF/etc...]?

when archiving shows for future trade/sharing, always back up to data disc, just like you do with Audio shows...

if it was burned as a DVD-Video [i.e. a disc that'll play on a standalone], you will have to extract it using DVD Decrypter or similar program [decrypter is the best in my opinion]...but if it was burned as a data disc--then i'm completely at a loss!!! as far as a DVD showing up in yyer explorer window as a .cda file, i have NEVER seen this occur before!

side note, it's best not to burn "on the fly" as you were attempting to do w/ Nero Express...this can present a ton of issues/glitches...definitely preferable to set up a folder on yer HD and put all the DVD files in it [.ifo, .bup, .vob]...then use Nero Burning ROM, select DVD-Video as yer project format, and drag all the files to the VIDEO_TS folder in the project...this will give you much better results...
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