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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by don miller View Post
I am not a taper. When I download something I believe will be of value I appreciate the gift someone has given. I try to remember to thank them for their efforts. I do not see enough of that taking place. I am not perfect mind you. Second I believe in leaving the torrent open for several days and checking to see if there is someone who is trying to upload before closing it out. Seems like a reasonable approach to me. I do not download what I perceive by the number of hits are the top popular shows but have still been able to maintain a 1.7 ratio by this method Others could try the same approach
I still think we should ban thoughtless seeders. Hey Don!
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People suck. I'd rather look at memes and gifs of people doing stupid shit that confirms my misanthropic views than actually deal with their shit face to face.
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