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About TDK CD-R's...

You mention TDK CD-R's in one of your FAQ's (B&P) - TDK can be good media, but it can be crap, too. The quality varies, depending on when you bought it and where you bought it from. Sometimes it is Ritek made for TDK, which is acceptable. But sometimes it is CMC Magnetics media, which I would not suggest at all. I've had nothing but problems with CMC media, and so have my friends and people I've talked to online.

Taiyo Yuden is hands down the most reliable media on the market. You can get a 100 pack of them at for $25 USD. has done archival tests on various CD-R brands. CMC has horrible archival life, TY media lasts for around 100 years. I just figured I'd bring this up because I know media quality and most importantly archival life is important to many bootleggers out there.
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