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Re: Reseed requests?

I hate to say it, but this is as pointless as most of the other sites. Only Lossless Legs has got it right. A re-seed button that emails everyone that's downloaded the show almost always gets seeded. Every time I get a message there requesting a reseed, if I've got it, I seed it. That's how it's suppose to be. SHARING. I really don't have the time to go through 300 requests looking for the one or 2 shows that I have that I probably got on Dime and can't reseed anyway. So, PLEASE look into following Lossless leg's example and look into adding a Reseed button. I would love it. I've been sitting on a Lovell Sisters audio torrent for weeks with no seeders in sight. If everyone who downloaded this show knew I was wanting it, I'm sure I would have gotten a seed a long time ago. That's my 2 cents for what it's worth....Otherwise, thanks for this great website.
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