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Originally Posted by pmonk66
[QOUTE=pmonk]Test (same as -d except no decoded file is written). The exit codes are the same as in decode mode.

Decode (flac encodes by default). flac will exit with an exit code of 1 (and print a message, even in silent mode) if there were any errors during decoding, including when the MD5 checksum does not match the decoded output. Otherwise the exit code will be 0.
But only against the checksums in the header of the file, not comparing the headers to the fingerprint text file--there is a huge difference between the two.

Oh yes, speaking of utilities that will compare the fingerprints in the text file to those in the headers of the file, the 'md5check' command included with etree's scripts will do this, although there isn't st5 support yet. I'm not certain if the etree scripts are Linux only, or if other operating systems are supported as well. Actually, etree's 'md5check' command is pretty damned slick--don't have to tell it what kind of files are in the directory--just point it to the directory and it'll check md5sums, compare fingerprints in headers to the text file, and test the FLAC files. It is by far the easiest method to check if a CD-R burned properly--just type "md5check /mnt/cdrom" (sans quotes of course) in the command line and watch the output.

I'm going to have to remember to finish typing my beginners' guide to Linux someday. Got off to a great start one evening, and never moved on from there.
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