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Re: Experts! Here's a puzzle for you... or maybe just a question from me.

Playback and record software must process a multiple of nBlockAlign bytes of data at a time. Data written
and read from a device must always start at the beginning of a block. For example, it is illegal to start
playback of PCM data in the middle of a sample (that is, on a non-block-aligned boundary).

The blockSize specifies the size in bytes of the block to which you would align the sound data. A blockSize of zero indicates that the sound data does not need to be block-aligned. Applications that don't care about block alignment should set the blockSize and offset to zero when creating Audio IFF files. Applications that write block-aligned sound data should set blockSize to the appropriate block size. Applications that modify an existing Audio IFF file should try to preserve alignment of the sound data, although this is not required. If an application does not preserve alignment, it should set the blockSize and offset to zero. If an application needs to realign sound data to a different sized block, it should update blockSize and offset accordingly.

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