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Re: What causes this tiny gap?

It depends on where the files came from. If these files were ripped from an audio CD they could be the result of i) previous sector boundary errors and a retracking, or of ii) a burn that was done with underrun protection and an underrun occurred. The gap you show is smaller than 1 sector (i.e. it's about 0.005s which is less than the sector size of 1/75s) so I think it's likely that they are remnants of SBEs or buffer underruns and that your files came from a rip of an audio CD-R. Hopefully there aren't a lot of them and you can edit them out. If you do that remember to shntoolfix the new files.

It's possible that the gap is just a drop-out in the master source. I think this gap is far too small for that, however.
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