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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by SpikeKiller View Post
Share ratio shouldn't mean anything. The share ratio is an internet pyramid scheme. In order for the leechers to maintain the status quo "share ratio", there must be enough new leechers to support the old ones. I don't think that is possible anymore
people with a decent ratio never post comments like this

Pyramid scheme huh? suppose you start downloading a torrent when it is first posted like several others, why should your ratio be any different from theirs (assuming your ISP doesn't throttle your bandwith) unless you cut and run off to another download right away - there should be many folks downloading it so you can seed it back. If you are trying to download too many shows at the same time your downloads will be slow, maybe then you cannot share back enough before most of the people downloading it already grabbed it.

Maybe you are trying to download too much at once?
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