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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

I know there's no easy solution to this problem, but I'm getting a little tired of seeding to low-life's who bail right after they complete a download. What I would like to see is a user's ratio appear everywhere their name does, not just in a post or on their profile page. That way, if I see a 0.17 user leeching a torrent I have, I won't even bother seeding it. Now that the site logs every visitor to your profile I don't want to have to check every time and give someone the satisfaction. Perhaps it's not the charitable thing to do, but neither is sucking up bandwidth and good intentions with no effort to return the favor.

Maybe a lot of people get to feeling this way at one point or another, and I'm there now. I worked for my ratio, and I don't mind sharing with people who are willing to do the same, but I've about had it with 'thoughtless leechers'. If you're not going to ban them, I'd at least like to deprive them of my contribution.

Just a thought, for what it's worth.
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