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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by Unklejimbo View Post
Look proper torrent ettiquette is what ever you d/l you have to upload if you can stay longer fine. Remember companies like Comcast only give you 250gb per month.....
thats not necessarily true, I had high speed broadband with comcast for years and was never capped and I downloaded tons of stuff every month but was only able to give out a little when compared to what I took in.

ratios are a bit misleading due to the fact that you can download a show with many seeders in a few minutes but try uploading the same amount can take weeks because you have slow upload speeds
now does that make you a bad person because you cannot afford a connection that has a high upload rate?

since I got fios my download speeds are around 2MB/s and upload speeds are upwards from 6/700kb/s which makes maintaining a rat easy as I can give out 50 or 60 gigs in a few hours. try that with an upload speed of 30kb/s and see how far you get.

the only people who should be banned are those with fast upload speeds who do not maintain a healthy rat, but how do you police that? how do you prove a person has a fast connection
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