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Re: Should we ban mindless leechers?

Originally Posted by U2Lynne View Post
The big problem is..... we aren't just a torrent site, like DIME. It would be easy to think of banning or limiting uploads for people with low ratios if all we were was a torrent site. But, what about those that download and then offer a Vine for every show they get? That is 'giving away' a whole show, kinda like uploading that amount to someone. Or, what about those that offer up a ton of B&Ps? The whole reason I added a list of Vines and B&Ps to a person's profile is so people can see if they offered them and then take that into consideration along with the ratio when they are asked to open a window.

These guys who have poor ratios and then come around asking for reseeds probably have a much lower chance of a reseed than someone who has a good ratio or someone who has also started Vines or offered B&Ps. Karma comes around to get them. Notice how that dudogger guy didn't even like the fact that we *show* ratios. He knows he is getting judged by it and doesn't like it (and may be embarrassed by it). I figure karma comes around to get these guys. Maybe not now, maybe not next week, but they will ask for a show to get reseeded and will have people ignore the request because of their ratio and lack of giving in other ways.

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