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Re: Naming standards

Originally Posted by mgleason007
And what is your file naming suggestion?

It's simply the best way to name files. If you accidentally download two shows to the same folder, or use newsgroups and download all of the files to the same folder, how else are you going to tell which files go to which show?

Along with your last point, I hope to be getting a Rio Karma for Christmas BTW, it's simple to add appropriate ID3 tags to FLAC files (or whatever they're called with FLAC) with foobar. There's a plugin that parses the text file and puts the appropriate info into the correct field for a whole show all at once. Anyone can feel free to PM me for it cuz I don't remember right now what it's called.
Etree standards allow abbreviations in band name which is just dumb. Etree was set up for FTP's and was set up with only a small selection of artists in mind, when you look at etree stasndards and think about whatis' like digging through a FTP they make sense. However the world ahs maoved on and I'm sorry but full bands would be required here if we did enforce anything. I also thin adding .SHNF to the end of folder name is kind of pointless.
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