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Re: I don't know if this belongs here: Jerry Moore RIP

Well, it certainly belongs somewhere. Jerry Moore was a taping legend, and from the people who knew him, an even better human.

I'll be seeding a selection of his shows here to get the ball rolling, hopefully a few peeps will join me.

There is SO much we owe thanks to Jerry Moore for. If you don't know and are curious, search the LMA, and go to LL ( and check out the seeds there.

You probably even have a tape that Jerry made and not even know it. His GD and JG/MS tapes from 1974 are as good as they come. But there is so much more.

~His tapes are the reason people started taping, and were the inspiration for other taper to get better.~

Here is a quote from Bob Menke from a recent upload to that explains it WAY better than I can.

"This release is dedicated to our community's late friend, Jerry Moore. Godspeed to you my friend. When I first met Louis Falanga, he had come out from Brooklyn to live in Lake Tahoe. He had grown up with and was best friends with Jerry. I quickly discovered that New York deadheads had a wider range of musical tastes than I did. Country flavored rock was particularly sought after by Louis and Jerry. Other examples would include the Byrds, and the individuals who made them Chris Hillman etc., Emmy Lou Harris etc. and Commander Cody particularly. They ate this stuff up, Without much chewing I might add. So I'm pretty sure Jerry loved this stuff. Many years back, Jerry loaned me all his 1974 GD master cassettes and I have beta hi fi and pcm tracks of them. I have always treasured them. He trusted me with those tapes and I copied them with the respect they deserved. He was the man early on. After we heard those tapes and got our own 152's in 1975 we wanted to make tapes like that. Its fair to say we wanted to be Jerry Moore. We had our differences of opinion in the last few years, but he was one man I always respected. He called his tapes "his children" and wanted them to outlast him. Jerry, your tapes are now doing just that. I wish it hadn't happened so soon, though. -- Bob Menke"

RIP Jerry Moore.
The memories of a man in his old age are the deeds of a man in his prime. - The Pink Floyd
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