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Jerry Moore RIP

I didn't know the guy but its a damn shame and a great loss!-He and the 1st wave of GD/JGB tapers really helped feed my jones for audience tapes


What to say, to wrap it all?

"Nothing" would be perfect, not to mention elegant....
....but silence is a concept, and one I haven't mastered.

The Buddha I'm not, nor will I ever be.
I'm fond of music, and many other things.

Music, in a world of things defined -
Is sound imposed on silence, modulated
And time-specific.

It's over when it's over,
Lost in the noise and silence -
Over, ended, done.

"That's how it USED to go"
Said Dylan,
A long, long time ago:
"But now it goes like THIS" -
And it's always nineteen sixty-six.

"Things fall apart" -
Yeats said that.

Nothing lasts forever - true - basic design flaw. Universe itself won't
Last, and serves it bloody well right, too. Shoddy goods.
Manufacturer oughta be crucified....

I wash my hands of metaphors.

Music is transient, like the aforementioned "everything." Fortunately, there's
A LOT of it around - but I'm fond of it, as was also mentioned, and, for me, there
Was never ENOUGH. Some good stuff got away, went unrecorded or was left
Unreleased. So, many years ago, I began collecting outside the box, with some
Success. I'm advised I'm good at it.

I'm far from alone in that - there's a world of music out there, and worlds of variations
To be explored. The joy's in the quest itself, in discovery, in listening and in sharing.
That LAST part's important. Hoarding is a hobby for deviants and morons. I look on my
Tapes as a legacy of sorts. I don't plan on taking them with me.

THIS next part should go without saying, as it seems obvious....
It's obvious to ME, but different worlds, different worldviews,
So it'll have to be said:

Only a complete dirtbag makes a buck off someone else's work.
Free exchange, yes - commercial use, no.
NOBODY has any right whatsoever to use this recording for their own benefit.

Further, when and where possible, I would ask that you support the artists who
Originally made this music. Starving artists don't perform.

That said, this is one of my recordings, and I hope you enjoy it.
It all rolls into one, yes?
It's a wrap.

Jerry Moore
March 4th, 2007
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