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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by freezer View Post
No matter what, it remains none of anybody's business anyway.

No matter who whines about 'dirty laundry'... who cares, really?

And believe it.....ain't NONE of Mike Millard's MASTERS in circulation anyway, no matter who says what.

I traded with Mike personally. I handed him tapes and received tapes in my hand in return.

And I don't think that he ever let copies of any of his master tapes out EVER.

And my cassettes have j-cards in his handwriting.

And since you want to talk about dirty laundry, AND only because YOU mentioned it..... who is it that feels the need to lie about Mike Millard's recordings?

No one would have any idea about that subject except you and a trade partner, AND ONLY because you brought it up.

Now I'm sure everybody is curious.

Who is is that claims to have Millard's masters? (Or copies of the masters to trade around... OK, don't bring up any names, because I'm sure no one wants to be laughed at, for such a huge whopper of a lie....)

I've heard some wild story that someone claims to have 1st gen VHS tapes but somehow, these have 'evolved' into MASTERS.

Is THAT what you're referring to???

The only person who could give out any verifiable generaions on any Millard recordings is Mike the Mike himself.


Oh, and 'wacky' -- I am NOT 'saintly' and I never wanted to be ever consider as such. Someone's jumping to a conclusion.

Personally, I have a very high degree of disdain for anybody that feels they deserve any more information from me than I'm willing to impart.

So, if you wanna discuss this in private, I'd LOVE to know about bogus lineage on Millard recordings, THAT would be an interesting topic.

Why, it should start the entire Led Zepplein community pissing and moaning about all the bogus Millard Masters they're NOW passing around.....
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black

Assumption #1 on your part, the tapes are being called masters. Wrong the generation is not the point of contention never was. They are not masters nor is anybody under any false pretentions that they are. And yes the cassette tapes have j-cards with Millard's personal artwork and the owner of this set of tapes met Millard personally at least on 1 occasion I know of and the tapes were received directly from Millard not through a third party.

Assumption #2 on your part, they are part of a trade. Wrong again, I am helping out trying to determine the pedigree of the tapes, are the tapes marked or are they better/worse than known copies floating around. The generation of the tapes are irrelvant here only the sound quality of what is on them is the relevant issue outside the markings. This person is not part of the "community" you so love or even part of the download scene. If they want I will also be digitizing the tapes like I have for other audio and video items in their collection. The intentions are not trade but circulate them if they turn out to be anything special. That is TBD still.

Assumption #3, I concluded you are saintly. Wrong that is an observation not a conclusion you may turn out to make the Marquis De Sade look like Mother Teresah in comparison or vice versa.

Assumption #4, if you are insinuating I am asking you for more information than you are willing to impart. Wrong, I didn't ask you for shit you are the one butted in like a nosey badinsky in the first place.

You know what they say about those that Assume............

I did leave myself wide open for you to pry after you butted in but I try to practice what I preach. You should try the same and mind your own business

If you manage to calm down and have a moment of lucidity when you are done trying insinuating that everything zeppelin related is owned by liars and scumbags, if you still want to discuss the tapes in more detail privately in a rational and adult manner the offer is still open.
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