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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by weedwacker View Post
Under the assumption the taper isn't playing games with their recordings they are sending out purposely genning up copies and or purposely degrading them by other means and not being upfront about it. If the taper is upfront about it and the receiver(s) lies about it afterwards shame on the receiver(s) but reverse the situation then shame on the taper. And yes tapers can do what they want, how they want with their recordings, that is not the issue. If you provide something you should provide it under the terms you said you were going to do.
That's also under the assumption that any part of any trade has anything to do with anyone except the people actually involved in said trade.

In other words, you got a LOT of parasites jumping to conclusions without ALL of the facts.


You have some champion high-hurdlers in your "community' also, especially when it comes to jumping to conclusions.

And that "community" has more enough busybodies that don't know when to shut up and mind their own mother-fuckIng business, ESPECIALLY when it comes to something that didn't concern them EVER.

Sorry, please get this thread back on topic, it's time for all of you haters all to go back to ranting about you-know-who.

And continue with your flame-fest and back-patting sessions also, please.
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I don't think I troll anyone, other than freezer.

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You wall-eyed apple-knocking pig-fuckers! You don't know shit!

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