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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
Yeah this thread is better than lunesta to cure insomnia. To bring it back on topic, no you shouldn't ban leechers with bad share ratios. Ratios don't tell the whole story if a person is just a leech or hardly downloads anything/got on a download too late that they can't seed back to 1:1 if they wanted but does give back in other forms like snail mailing or providing shows they taped to others to post. If anything share ratios have to turned into a measuring stick for bottom feeders who provide no new content to determine where they stand in relation to others. If you want to ban someone that will actually make a difference, ban firewalled users since they just suck bandwith and don't provide it back to the rest of the swarm ulitimately slowing everything down especially when there is only 1 seeder. If the major isps do implement ratio caps on bandwith for uploads/downloads this will allow for more efficient use of bandwith in return allowing responsible users to upload more content with less bandwith wasted.
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