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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by dementrium View Post
I was referring to distributed file sharing in general. Old school tape sharing doesn't doesn't guarantee so-called quality or lineage accuracy. The person lying/bluffing can do it on a hand-written paper as well as on a message forum. The only one difference is the media.

That's true, Jack, it's just as easy for some unethical trader to fabricate lineage on paper.

However, thanks to torrents, it's easier for you to fuck over 1,000 random people in a fraction of the time that it used to take you to fuck over one person you know via snail mail.

Put up a torrent tonight and give out your bullshit lineage, and by tomorrow evening you can fuck over literally 10,000 unsuspecting collectors.

Then as you watch it mushroom when the torrent is snatched and then re-upped at dime, Lossless Legs, zomb, planet bootleg, tapecity, hungercity, etree, MOTB, ad infinitum.

Then figure how many more collectors you can fuck over as the garbage hits the torrent-blogs like "Quality bootlegs" or "The Pharaoh's Den", etc etc etc....

You can guarantee that a specific recording will NEVER circulate with correct lineage thanks to a torrent.

As you well know, we can prove it, Demmy. Would you like to help conduct that experiment?

There are two differences to snail mail trading in that :

#1. Trading between tapers generally cut the possibility of bad lineage. *Didn't erase the possibility, as I can attest to, but it made it easier to rectify* (I could have made sure that snail mail traders knew that someone in the KISS community had lied about the proper lineage to the July 16, 1974 KISS in Baton Rouge recording. Thanks to the torrent sites, it had snowballed to proportions that will never be able to be rectified.... oh well.....)

#2. It was easier to halt bad lineage, because many tapers knew who was taping in other areas or territories. It was easier to learn who had actually taped something and therefore easier to acquire a 1st gen or a low gen copy, or to out the liar and oust them from trading.

In the land of the torrent, these liars are rewarded.

There's NO guarantees anywhere in life, Dr. Mehoff, ever....but at least the possibilities for being duped were significantly diminished if and when two tapers were trading. (Especially IF they were planning to trade again together later. Why bite the hand that feeds you?)

And I'm glad to see you getting along so delightfully with your own 2 hands. At least you can finally make love to someone who might like you.
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I don't think I troll anyone, other than freezer.

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You wall-eyed apple-knocking pig-fuckers! You don't know shit!
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